Once again Raza Washing Machine Repair Service in Mumbai is here to fix all repairing problems of all home appliances at your doorstep. We provide you the best skilled and trained Engineers to your home to fix all the problems at any time. Our motto is to satisfy our customers. We replace damaged spare parts with branded and original ones. Raza Washing Machine repair service in Mumbai provides all kinds of service to all types of branded washing machines.


Services we provide:

  1. Semi-Automated washing machine.
  2. Fully Automated top loader washing machine.
  3. Fully Automated front-loaded washing machine etc.


Washing Machine Repair Service in Mumbai Services we provide:

  1. General services: All types of normal and small works are done by minimum or no rate of charge to work your washing machine smoothly.
  2. Repairs to: Raza Repair Service always try to fix all repairing works in a satisfied manner to bring your washing machine in a good conditioning manner.
  3. Deep cleaning: If the drum and the drain are filled with lint we try to clean the dirt by deeply cleaning the process to avoid the repairs.
  4. No power supply: If the machine faces trouble in power supply we provide our best service to fix it.


Why choose Raza Washing Machine Repair Service in Mumbai:

  1. Well trained and experienced operators.
  2. 30 days of service guarantee.
  3. The original and genuine spare part which is suitable for the machine, Provide service at your doorstep.


 Systematic teamwork:

> We accept bookings from both online and offline processes.

> Technicians will present at your choice of place within given time limits.

> Effective and trust base service provided by operators.

> Try to fix original or genuine spare parts.


Common problems in washing machines:

Vibration: Overloading of machines beyond the capacity causes vibration of the machine.

Block or leakage: Because the washer not able to load properly the Hose washers gets warm and drains get stopped.

Unwanted Noise: Unwanted noises can be created by objects stuck in the washer which can block the drains.

Blockage of running water: Due to blockage of the inlet valve.

Would not drain or spin correctly: Dust formation in the draining pipes leads to blockage of the machine. And does not spin properly.

PCB: Problem can be generated in power on, disturbance arise in working of the inlet valve, motor drains (torque motor) or rotating motor, etc.


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