Are you looking for CCTV camera installation services in Mumbai? Or would you like to see your entire property with a scanning look from your smartphone or want to stop crime before it happens?

Welcome to the world of video security and surveillance camera system.

In the current scenario, the modern world basically depends on electronic machinery. A huge number of people are greatly influenced by modern machines to have the finest service to make people’s life more easy and simple. A wide range of electronic machines is here available in the market offering the finest facilities according to the uses and desires of the users. There is a number of users using multiple types of electronic machines. Along with all the electronic machines, there are some of the most desired and the most necessary electronic machine designs for surveillance of your homes, location, assets, and properties. We all know that machine is called as CCTV camera installation services in Mumbai, this machines is design to give complete protection for individual or professional places.

Need of the CCTV

In today’s competitive world every person and business place, shop, and household purpose need complete security from robbers and thieves to keep their valuable properties safe. Because CCTV camera gives video evidence and having video evidence it becomes easy to find out the real culprit or show the actual condition of the household and business location whether its ok or need to change it accordingly.

CCTV Camera Installation Services in Mumbai CP Plus and Hikvision Security Surveillance Day Night vision, Network/IP, Dome, Bullet, Smart Camera System For Home & Offices brands providing its finest surveillance facility MI 360, GODREJ, CP PLUS, HIKVISION, ACTIVE PIXEL, EZVIZ, WIRELESS, SAMSUNG, DOME, BULLET, DAHUA, SAMSUNG, HONEYWELL, PANASONIC, BOSCH, SONY, LG the above-mentioned CCTV camera system comes in great varieties of resolution, integrity, and capabilities. Some are used for business security purpose, some are used for indoor purpose while other are used for outdoors after that some are used for pan, tilt, and zoom for broader coverage. There are some kinds of camera used for reading license plates comes in parking lots etc.

Types of CCTV Camera Facilities

There are 3 main types of CCTV camera systems providing their finest facilities to a huge number of users according to their desires and requirements. They are as follows.


Digital Video Recorder is designed to record dozens of camera surveillance at a time in a digital video format on HHD, SSD, USB drives than by smartphone in SD card, and other hard disk devices. The sources of the video must be connected using cables or via radio channels. and to watching all those recorded files you can use multiple sources of ways such as connecting the monitor to DVR or providing access to DVR with internet or local network or with connecting SD card with USB computer. In this system, you can use a pause and play system too to watch the recording.


Network Video Recorder is a specialized software and hardware solution used in video surveillance systems or IP video. NVR is designed to obtain video streaming from IP cameras via an IP network for the use of their storage. NVR does not contain any special tool for recording videos because it receives direct video from IP cameras with a standard computer operating system.


The CP Plus and Hikvision Security Surveillance IP, Dome, Bullet, Smart Camera System For Home & Offices are known as a closed-circuit television camera that transmits audio and video signals to the wireless receiver through radio. Wireless security cameras need at least one cable connection to transmit audio or video. However, some wireless security camera runs with battery-powered.

Issues Found in CCTV

Understand camera power and connection: Sometimes problems can be easy as disconnected due to the network is currently down.

Identify and Ping the camera: Find out the IP address of the camera by checking the directory of the camera. Once you find the IP address you will be able to Ping it using a laptop and smartphone.

ARP table checking: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) checking table is usually find outside of the camera. If it is possible to cross MAC and IP addresses using the ARP.

No IP conflict confirmation: If the customer has more than 1 camera so there must be a different IP address as well as it may stop the customer to access the entire camera.

Upgrade firmware:  You must be confirming that your camera is updated. You can do this by connecting VMS or web page.

Camera Reboot: Turn the camera system off for 20 to 25 seconds and then input your setting again. If you do not so ensure then you must call the expert service provider like us as CCTV Camera Installation Services in Mumbai who can help you to have the finest CCTV camera for home and professional requirements.

Why Choose Us

The genuine work and experience service by expert service providers like CCTV Camera Installation Services in Mumbai CP Plus and Hikvision Security Surveillance IP, Dome, Bullet, Smart Camera System For Home & Offices. We provide excellent technicians having years of practice and skills to repair or install any brand of CCTV in front of the customers with all suitable and genuine parts of the CCTV camera. Our technicians are experts in identifying the problems and within a very short period of time. And able to fix or make confident to customers by providing its finest service facilities. Every repairing or installation service will be provided by technicians in front of the customers with all genuine and required devices parts. Every repairing experience gives the finest and satisfying facility with a free pick and drops facility with no extras charge. CCTV Camera Installation Services in Mumbai is established in the year 2014 with years of practice and trained technicians learned repairing and installation service under the superior guidance of trained engineers with genuine work with no fraudulent work at customer’s desired location.

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