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In today’s era, AC is a very important part of human life. Wherever a human being lives in the world, air conditioning is a must. Whether a human being lives in a sunny country or a cold country, every human being needs AC. If a human being lives in a hot country, then they need AC to cool down the area’s air temperature, or if they live in a cold country, then they need an AC heater to warm down the area’s air temperature. Especially in Mumbai, there is a need for air conditioning in every place. Because Mumbai is the business centre of India, most Indians come to Mumbai to earn money, whether they are poor or rich. That is why there is a huge population of people in Mumbai. And the world’s biggest companies are also in Mumbai. That is why air conditioning is very much needed and is the most important part of Mumbai.

AC is an electronic machine, or it is a very important need for human life. There is a huge demand for AC in Mumbai, due to which the AC in Mumbai also gets spoiled. In some companies, the AC remains running 24 hours a day. Due to which it causes problems, no matter what brand of AC it is, it takes a service every year or when AC needs it. It also causes many problems in the AC, such as the AC being completely shut off and not cooling, an AC coil problem, an AC fan blade problem, an AC power cut problem, a water leak problem, etc. This is such a big problem that people are facing now in Mumbai.

Basic air conditioner issues:

Air conditioner repair may be expensive, so creating a regular maintenance schedule or contacting an expert AC repair and service provider is essential.

Air conditioner starting issue: When the thermostat and battery are not sufficiently working according to the customer’s needs, AC experts must change or repair them.

Insufficient cooling: When a dirty air filter blocks the airflow of your AC, it further freezes the condenser unit, and cooling limits the power of your air conditioner.

AC freezing unit: Specific tools that affect your AC’s insufficient airflow, low temperature, blower motor issues, and contractor stuckness must be solved by experts.

Leakage of refrigerant: refrigerant leakage is the leading cause due to factors like low efficiency, high power consumption, damage to the compressor, and many more.

Unwanted noise: There are various reasons why an air conditioner can create unwanted noises that irritate, and an expert AC repair service provider must solve the problem.

Evaporator freezing: Freezing of the evaporator coil is the reason behind the air not sufficiently blowing, and it can block ducts and vents, cause damage, or stop your air conditioner.

Control failure: Continually turning on and off your air conditioner can cause fan damage or compressor wear. The condenser, fan motor, and air blower are the reasons behind the control failure.

Water leakage: Leakage of water happens due to drainage pipes, broken condensate pans, and dirty air filters, which are the reasons behind the water leakage in air conditioner units.

What AC repair and service we provide in Mumbai

Let us see what repairs and services we can take to get rid of all this. In AC repair service, there are many types of service. like regular ac service, AC wet service, jet wet service, foam power jet service, anti-rust deep clean ac service, ac gas filling service, and PCB repair service. Let’s discuss it in detail below.

Regular AC service:

This typically involves routine maintenance, such as cleaning filters, checking for any issues, and ensuring the overall functionality of the AC unit.

AC Wet Service:

A more thorough cleaning service that includes cleaning the evaporator coil, condenser coil, and other components with water to remove dirt and dust.

Jet Wet Service:

This is an intensive cleaning process using a high-pressure water jet to remove stubborn dirt and grime from the AC unit’s components.

Foam Power Jet Service:

Similar to jet wet service but includes the use of a cleaning foam that helps in deep cleaning and removing dirt and contaminants.

Anti-Rust Deep Clean AC Service:

This service focuses on preventing and treating rust on the AC unit’s components, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

AC Gas Filling Service:

If your AC is not cooling effectively, it might need a refrigerant recharge. This service involves filling or refilling the refrigerant gas to the appropriate levels.

PCB Repair Service:

If there are issues with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of the AC unit, this service involves repairing or replacing faulty components to restore proper functioning.

Which type of ac repair

Split Ac Repair Service

Window Ac Repair Service

Multi Split Ac Repair Service

Cassette Ac Repair Service

Portable Ac Repair Service

Central Ac Repair Service 

Packaged Ac Repair Service

Ducted Ac Repair Service

Major AC brand repairs and services available include:

Voltas AC

Samsung AC 

Blue star AC 

Daikin AC


Whirlpool AC

Videocon AC

Toshiba AC

Bluestar AC

Hitachi AC

O general AC

Onida AC

Godrej AC

Ac Repair and Service Charges in Mumbai

AC service charges can vary depending on several factors, including the type of AC unit you have and the extent of the service required. Generally, AC service charges include the cost of inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining your AC system. Regular AC maintenance might potentially save you money in the long run by extending the lifespan of your AC unit and preventing significant breakdowns.


minimum charges

Maximum charges

Inspection Charges



Split Ac Service Charges



Split Ac Installation Charges



Split Ac Un-installation Charges



Gas Charging charges



What are the benefits of choosing the Raza repair for AC service and repair?

The growing rate of AC repair businesses in the present situation creates competition. It also creates confusion in the customers’ minds about which company provides the finest AC repair and service in Mumbai. Raza Repair is the only trusted name for AC repair and services. Raza Repair is the leading AC repair and service company in Mumbai. We are offering our wide range of AC repair facilities to over 5000 customers. We have a 4.9 rating on Google Business Profile. We offer AC repair and service at the customer’s desired location in Mumbai with years of trained and certified technicians. Our tech person is able to find out any mechanical or technical issue within seconds, and they have years of experience. They are capable of repairing any AC issues in a given time. The technicians reach your home with a single call within 59 minutes, or the given time.

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