AC repair service in Mumbai


Raza Repair service provides you well trained & skilled professionals at your doorstep. The technicians are ready to repair anything at any time. Our prime emphasis is to satisfy our customers with loyal service. Raza repair service provides you all brands of services of both split and window AC repair service in Mumbai.


Services we provide:

General Service:

1) Maintenance is required for any home appliances to keep it in good working condition regularly to avoid disturbance and noises.

2) Dull filtration of air cause the AC freezes & decrease the flow of air.

The work Raza repair & service provides: Raza repair service provides all repairs services to all branded spare parts.

Wet service: Deep cleaning is necessary for removing dust particles from your Air conditioner to maintain suitable cooling.

Gas charging or refilling: Refilling of Gas must be required for the appropriate cooling of AC s.

Installation: New & old AC is installed whenever you required it.

Uninstallation: The air conditioner is removed when you migrate to one place to other residences.



  1. We provide well-trained technicians when you required them.
  2. Genuine spare parts are replaced when older ones get damaged or on customer’s demand.
  3. Provide service on your suitable location.
  4. provide services on every working day or weekdays.



  1. We accept both online and offline bookings of the air conditioner.
  2. The work will do by effective and efficient technicians.
  3. It’s the responsibility of the technician to make you feel relax and fix any repair problem of home appliances.


Problems of AC repair service in Mumbai:

Repairs can be costly So it is always a good idea to be aware of some common problems that can arise with your air conditioner.

Filter: Congested or dirty filter Follow the directions of manufacturers how often to change your air filter should be prepared when they are unclean. Dull filtration causes the AC to freeze & reduces the flow of air.

Refrigerator leaks: When the coolant starts leaking the entire unit does not work properly because of temperature.

Drainage: Drain line can also be blocked with dust, dirt & lint it must be clean regularly to avoid water leakage causing damage to the AC unit.

Breakers: It saves Air conditioner’s motor from overheating and damaging.

Capacitors: If the capacitor burns AC will not work properly because the capacitor is the jolts of all working elements.

Compressor: If the compressor is not working, The AC will not provide sufficient cooling for your room.

Evaporator coils: If the Coil gets cracked but remains inside then it requires maintenance every 6 months.

Condenser coils: Condenser coils are located outside the compressor so it becomes dirty must be clean once in a year if it became too dirty technician will have to clean with chemicals.


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