Are you often face problems on television don’t worry Raza Repair Service is here to help you. In today’s modern world everybody needs to live luxurious and technical life for which they need electronics items for their comfort in life but sometimes they face some technical issues and repairing works. For all those repairing work RAZA TV Repair Service in Mumbai is here to help you.


Repair service we offer on:

  • LED TV
  • LCD TV
  • CRT TV.

Repairs Services: Well trained and skilled full operators are ready to fix all the problems of all home appliances.

Replacement: Damaged or Burnt spare parts are replaced with branded and original spare parts at a reasonable price.

Installation & Repair: Old & New both televisions are repairing at your doorstep at minimum cost.


Benefits of choosing Raza TV repair service in Mumbai:

  1. We offer service on either residential and commercial place or area as you required.
  2. Damage Spare parts repair & replaced genuine or original ones at a reasonable price.
  3. Provide service within a given period.
  4. 30 days of repair service guarantee is available.


Efficient teamwork:

Immediate response after receiving a call from a customer: provide well trained and experienced technician at your doorstep when you required.

A common problem with television:


  1. No audio output
  2. Horizontal lines on start-up
  3. TV screen goes blank
  4. Non-connection of Wi-Fi etc.



  1. Flickering
  2. Vertical lines
  3. Dead or stuck pixels
  4. Spots, cracks & blotches
  5. Buzzing
  6. Random shutoffs


  1. The single vertical line at the center
  2. The single horizontal line only
  3. No sound
  4. No power
  5. No image etc.


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