Well, come to your choice of repair service. Raza Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai is the name of the belief that puts customers’ interest ahead in the matter of satisfaction of all types of Home appliances repair services in the entire Mumbai. Raza repair Service provides all types of repair services to all branded Washing Machines, Refrigerator Air Conditioner Television (TV), Micro Wave Laptop & Computer LED LCD CCTV Camera ETC of types of branded washing machine maintenance spare parts are available to fix your Washing Machine problem with the best repairing experience at your doorstep with minimum repairing charge including Technicians visit and repair charge from the best technicians having years of practice in the Home appliances repair industry.

Raza Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai understands the value of good clothes in present’s modern lifestyle. Every person, no matter man or woman, young adult or old age people everyone needs good attire to look professional if he or she is working in the office, look modern or dashing. If he or she is studying in college or university, looks good in society; everyone needs to look good. But it is a choice it can only happen if your dress looks good, for which you require well-maintained cloth, and for long-lasting clothes life, you need a Washing Machine through which one can maintain your cloth for a long life forget about the traditional lifestyle to wash your cloth by hand it often tore the cloth for which modern world invented the system of the washing machine.

Top listed Washing Machines brands in India are:





5) IFB




9) Panasonic

10) LG etc.

The above listed Washing Machine brands are widely accepted by modern Indian society and should be maintained and repaired by professional experts of washing machine engineers trained under expert technicians having years of training in the field of Home appliances repair service at minimum cost at your desired location, so don’t wait to make a call to Raza Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai and feel the quality experience of washing machine service.

A washing machine is a necessary electronic machine in nearly every home nowadays. It is a machine designed to make users’ washing patterns easy. People are now forgetting about the olden patterns of cleaning clothes by hand or handmade wooden tools. A wide range of Washing machines is now available in the market, offering its best washing service to many users according to their cleaning needs. There is a great variety of Washing machines offering their best service. Additionally, each washing machine has to face several technical issues that our experts must fix. The Raza washing machine repair service center in Mumbai is here to give customers the best repair service by expert technicians.

A washing machine is also called a cloth washer or laundry machine. It is a home appliance used to clean clothes. It is generally known as a washing machine that uses water to dry and clean. The customer adds washing detergent, solid in powder form, to wash the clothes. Therefore, society has accepted modern machines to wash their clothes, one of the most reliable machines known as washing machines.

About Raza Repair:

Raza repair is the foremost Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai or near your location. We are offering its best repairing experience to 5000+ users. We are the finest service agency operating its business since the year 2014 by master technicians with years of practice and talent able to repair any washing machine product by master service provider. We provide wide washing machine repair services throughout Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan. The washing machine repair service center in Mumbai is the most sought and trusted service provider in your location, with expert technicians with years of training and talent to repair any washing machine at the customers’ required place in a single call.

Customer satisfaction is our basic significance, with 100% genuine work as the base of our service facility. Various service providers are available in the market, giving their service, but customers never get the correct satisfaction. Therefore our service makes us different from other agencies offering valuable service at the customer’s place.


Huge varieties of washing machines are here in the market, providing advanced features to many users. But a huge variety of washing machines are here in the market, making it tough to choose the best washing machine for home or commercial needs. So Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai is here to guide you in selecting the finest machine for your use.

The Products Are:

BPL, IFB, Samsung, Koryo, LG, Electrolux, Weston, Sansui, Haier, Whirpool, Godrej, Videocon, Intex, Reconnect, Kenstar, Bosch, Croma, Lloyd, Onida, Panasonic, Siemens, etc. The above-discussed washing machines are available in the market, which makes it tough to choose the best one for your home, so we are here to make it simple to choose the finest one for home and commercial needs. But on the other hand, every washing machine has to bear certain technical issues that our expert technicians must repair.

Washing Machine Not Starting:

There are so many reasons that may cause them to stop the machine. It is because when power socket connectivity loses its power. The power socket gets a direct connection from the fuse. So if the fuse is not working, you must call the experts to fix the problem if you’re not getting the issue.

Power Control Module:

For some reason, the washing machine’s control module or the power switch is not working due to losing the cable connection with a high-voltage power pump. The user must approach experts like us to repair their valuable Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai.

Unwanted Loud Noise:

When an object stuck in an outer tube or drum in the machine creates noise. Objects like anything, maybe debris and coin, are common in a stuck machine and should be removed from the heater, and the drum can cause damage to the device.

Extreme Vibration:

If the tube is not accurately suited completely horizontal surface, then the tube becomes unstable. It’s not able to balance perfectly on adjustable screws. And in this case, when the drum is overloaded, it keeps vibrating, which may sometimes damage the machine for unnecessary reasons.

Damaged Drained Pump:

Gathering clothes, dirt, and strands sometimes blocked the drainage pump. It is because the hose connectivity with the pump may be lost, so they require fixing the issue by experts if they do not get it by themselves.

Extreme Overfilling:

When the thermal tube is overfilled with extra loaded dirty fabrics, it may cause a break in the thermal tube. And for the finest performance of the Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai, customers should call the experts to solve the issue.

The Spinning Of Thermal Tube:

The spinning and drainage mechanism system are both interlinked. So if the drainage is not working properly, it will not let the drum spin perfectly. It may cause a hose jam from the drum to the pump. The carbon motor warns out if the motor does not run accordingly.

Water Leakage From Soak Drawer:

There are many reasons for water leakage; when water compression is too strong, that lets the detergent dissolve. Block of drained pipes, over-filling, and many more are the cause of water leakage that our expert technicians must solve. The above-stated problem found in the washing machines must be solved by an expert service brand like a Washing Machine Service Centre in Mumbai.

Best Technicians:

Our technicians are learned under the higher guidance of the master technicians with years of practice and skills able to fix any product of the washing machine at the user’s desired place. We give service in front of the customers with all required and genuine spare parts if needed. We will give a free pick and drop service at no extra charge.

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