Malad is the hub of Industries. CCTV Camera Service Installation in Malad East knew as the place of Industries in the current situation most people work at Malad so it becomes the chance to increase thievery activities around the area and so to protect that thievery activity an entrepreneur needs a reliable security system and for that CCTV is the best option.

CCTV Camera Service Installation in Malad East is the leading repair service industry in the area of Home Appliances repair offers the best repair service by trained technicians with 12+ years of work experience in CCTV repair service at a very reasonable price available in Malad Mumbai. Our expert technicians are keen to give you the finest repair service at your location. Raza repair service provides repair services as well as helps the consumers to choose their best CCTV for security wisely.
 Panasonic
 Samsung
 HIK Vision
 Electronic Eye
 Sony
 Vantage
 Godrej
 CP Plus
 Autocap etc.

Are the best CCTV surveillance security systems are available in the market makes it difficult to choose by customers so don’t worry Raza Repair Service is here to help you with which type of CCTV camera should be chosen.

How to choose a CCTV camera

Digital Video Recorder is the first and the quality CCTV surveillance camera use by a huge number of customers for the protection of possessions. DVR surveillance CCTV camera creates a good effect on customers with 80 meters long HD view with clarity and night vision HD camera plus 8 years of life span plus 360-degree rotation feature.
Network Video Recorder is the best CCTV surveillance camera use by a larger audience. NVR camera system deals 9 years of life span with advanced technology including 360 degrees two ways of rotation camera motion, clear night vision, 70 meters of HD view, easy to access by recorder plus smartphone anytime anywhere.

CCTV Camera Service Installation in Malad East wireless video recorder is the finest and most trusted CCTV surveillance camera. HD clear vision, super clear night vision camera, 360-degree rotation with two ways motion and 40-meter view with simply handle by phone and recorder plus waterproofing advance features produces good reputation for this type of camera surveillance system.

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