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Are you looking for a CCTV camera service centre in Mumbai? Or would you like to have looked on your entire property with a good look from your smartphone or want to stop crime before it happens?

Welcome to the World of Video Surveillance and Security Camera System.

In the present scenario, the world essentially depends on electronic machinery. A great number of people are mostly influenced by electronic machines to have the best facilities to make people’s working life more simple and easy. A huge range of electronic devices are here presents in the market give the best service facilities according to its people’s requirements and necessities. There are varieties of people using multiple kinds of electronic devices. Along with entire the electronic machines, there are some of the much required and the most essential electronic machine designs for the security of your homes, place, assets, and properties. We all know that machine is known as CCTV camera service centre in Mumbai, this machines is design to provide complete protection for personal or professional locations.

Need of the CCTV camera service centre in Mumbai

In today’s modest world every individual and personal place, shopper’s spot, and business purpose everywhere need complete surveillance from thieves and robbers to keep their important properties safe. Because CCTV camera service centre in Mumbai guides you that CCTV camera gives video evidence and with video evidence, it becomes simple to find out the real offender or show the real condition of the domestic and official location whether its good or need to change it properly.

Various CCTV Camera Products Providing Their Best Surveillance Service

DECKLINK MI 360 GODREJ SEWELL FISHEYE CP PLUS HIKVISION EZWIZ Wireless WI-FI SMARTCAM SAMSUNG RS PRO NETWORK WON DOME DAHUA SINLOE WEYET ARAN 8CH PANASONIC BOSCH SONY SANYO HONEYWELL LG ZOSI The above-stated CCTV surveillance camera comes in huge varieties of integrity, resolution, and capabilities. Some are used for official security needs, some are used for insider purpose while other are used for outside after that some are used for tilt, pan and for broader coverage. And there are some types of camera used for reading license plates comes in parking lots and many more.

Types of CCTV Surveillance Camera Facilities

There are several main types of CCTV surveillance camera systems offering their best facilities to a great number of people according to their needs and requirements. They are as stated below.


Digital Video Recorder is the plan to record lots of camera surveillance at a time in digital video format with SSD, HHD, USB drives than with a smartphone in micro SD card, and other hard disk devices, etc. The sources of the video must be linked with cables or radio channels. and to watching all those recorded data people can use multiple sources of methods such as to monitor connection to DVR or giving access to DVR with internet or local network connection or with SD card and USB computer. In this system, you can have a pause and play system too to watch those recordings.


Network Video Recorder is a dedicated software and hardware solution used in video surveillance methods or IP video. NVR is planning to have a video running with IP cameras via an IP network for the use of their storage device. NVR does not cover any special device for recording videos because it gets direct video links from IP cameras with standard computer operating methods.


A wireless surveillance camera is also known as a closed-circuit television camera conveys audio and video signals to a wireless receiver device via radio. Wireless surveillance cameras need at least a single cable connection to convey audio or video. However, some wireless surveillance cameras operate battery-powered.

Issues Arise in CCTV Camera

Identify Camera Power and Connection: Issues sometimes can be modest as disengaged with the connection may happen due to the slow network issue.

Identify and Ping the CCTV Camera: Find out the IP address of the camera by checking the manual of the camera. Once you get the IP address you will be able to Ping the camera using smartphones and laptops.

ARP Table Checking: Checking Address Resolution protocol (ARP) table usually find outside of the CCTV camera. It is possible to cross IP address and MAC using the ARP.

No IP Conflict Confirmation: If the customer has more than 1 CCTV camera there must be a diverse IP address as well as it may break the customer to control the entire camera.

Firmware Up-Gradation: You must confirm that your camera is new. You can do this by connecting web page or VMS.

Camera Reboot: Turn off the camera system for 20 to 25 seconds and then start your setting again. If you are not so confirmed then you must call the expert service agency like us as CCTV camera installation service who can lead you to have the best CCTV camera for home and official needs.

Why Choose Us

The sincere work and experience facilities by expert service providers such as CCTV camera installation service. We give the finest technicians with years of training and ability to install or repair any product of CCTV camera in front of the people with all required and genuine parts of the CCTV camera service centre in Mumbai. Our technicians are masters in understanding the issue within a very short period of requirements. And able to solve or make customers confident by providing its best repair services.

Every installation or repairing service will be given by technicians in front of the users with all suitable and required CCTV camera parts. Every repairing service gives the satisfying and finest facility with free pick and delivery service with no extras pay.

CCTV camera service centre in Mumbai is operating its service since the year 2014 with years of skills and practice technicians trained repairing and installation service under the superior leadership of expert engineers with sincere work with no fraudulent work at customer’s desired place.

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